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The Iconix FX21 livestock weighing system is versatile, feature packed and designed for all applications. Simple, yet powerful, the FX21 system combines functionality, portability and ease of use to provide the essential elements of a no-fuss weighing session.

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Designed with the operator in mind, the FX21 features a large high contrast 24mm high LCD and tactile (click-type) keys.

The WEIGH MODE key allows the operator to choose between HOLD for weighing livestock and FREE for static loads such as produce.

Convenient internal rechargeable battery provides 10 to 12 hours of portable weighing. An AC Adaptor/Battery Charger is included.

Up to 7238 records of individual tag numbers, weight and condition score may be stored. Records and statistics may be uploaded to a PC using the FX21 Linker package (option). The records may be stored in up to 99 different Groups (mob files) - normally a previously unused Group is selected at the start of a new weighing session.

Drafting (Sorting By Weight) is easily achieved with the FX21. Draft limits may be set to allow the sorting of animals into weight ranges. Both 2-way drafting (High, Low ranges) and 3-way drafting (High, Mid, Low ranges) are available. 

Extensive statistics are a major feature of the FX21 system, easily access during the weighing session. Number weighed, average weight and total weight are provided for all records and also for each drafting weight range.

"What if" Drafting Statistics. Since statistics are recalculated on entry, you can change the draft limits and re-examine the drafting statistics to determine how many animals would have been drafted into each weight range with different settings.

Choose your system by mix and match. The FX21 indicator is compatible with all Iconix loadbars.



  • Supply voltage = 11.5V to 19V DC
  • Low battery indication = 11.4V DC
  • Accuracy = +/- 0.5% of displayed weight +/- 1division
  • Temperature range = -5°C to +50°C
  • Dimensions = 280 x 186 x 90mm (excluding carry handle)
  • Weight = 2.8kg (including carry handle)
  • Auto ranging resolution. With standard 2000kg loadbar set:

      0 -     20kg   0.1kg steps
    20 -     50kg   0.2kg steps
    50 -   200kg   0.5kg steps
  200 -   500kg      1kg steps
  500 - 2000kg      2kg steps